Serie secca senza olio

Serie secca senza olio

Compressore d'aria serie Dry Oil-free SWT-55A/W ad efficienza diretta in fabbrica


Dry oil-free air compressor

Caratteristiche e vantaggi

1, azionato da motore a frequenza variabile a magneti permanenti

■ SWTV oil-free air compressor, with matching variable speed inverter and hybrid permanent magnet (HPM®) motor, provides unparalleled energy e ciency at all speeds, and has excellent reliability.

■ They provide ISO 8573-1:2010 grade 0 certi ed 100% oil-free air for most critical applications.

■ There will be no wear, leakage or motor bearings, guide wheels, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals that need to be replaced.

■ SEIZE will reduce operating costs through its dynamic e ciency-a truly remarkable technology.

2,The intercooler is equipped with a gas-water separator to protect the rotor coating of the high-pressure section from damage

The CYCLONE type large-capacity gas-water separator is used to remove the condensed water in the compressed air, protect the second-stage rotor, extend the life of the main engine, and provide a suitable working environment for the compressor.

3,La perdita di pressione dell'intercooler è quasi zero

The stainless steel cooler is adopted, and the air side adopts three ba es to provide a good cooling e ect and greatly reduce the pressure loss of the air.

4, La carcassa del motore principale a vite senza olio a secco adotta il metodo di raffreddamento dell'olio

The closed water circuit used for main engine cooling can reach a constant low temperature level, which means fewer gearboxes are required. The dual-stage main engine design with larger throughput can reliably provide 100% oil-free and closer to constant temperature compression. This is mainly due to its constant low temperature, which can be used in demanding applications with ambient temperatures up to 45°C.

High temperature working environment: Long-life components are designed to withstand the highest ambient temperature of 46ºC. Stable rotor, reliable large gear drive system, international technology super coating, durable ball bearing system, stainless steel air seal and unique design Labyrinth seal.

5, basso tasso di guasto e facile manutenzione

■ Use PLC to edit the controller: PLC editable controller is tested by decades of practical application. It has strong anti-interference ability, reliable work, low failure rate, easy operation, easy equipment expansion, simple installation, and self-diagnosis function , Easy to maintain.

■ Equipped with a large LCD display, the operation is clear and convenient. When the air compressor needs maintenance or malfunctions, the display will automatically send out a warning to remind timely maintenance or troubleshooting.

■ Reduce lubricant replacement: The industry-leading Mobil Super Lubricant provides up to 8,000 hours of lubricant life, which is 8 times the service life of conventional lubricants.

Parametri tecnici

Pressione (MPa)  
Aria Uscita 
(M3 / min)
EGT (° C)W47
Potenza (KW)557590110
380 / 50
Peso (Kg)24002500360028003700
L * W * H (Mm)17001700185017001850

Pressione (MPa)

Aria Uscita (m3/min)30.53025.534.634.530.341.541.235505045
EGT (° C)<47
Potenza (KW)185200250300
Tensione / Frequenza 
380 / 50
Peso (Kg)54505500620088007800
Dimensioni 20502050205022002100
L * W * H (Mm)20002000200022502200

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