[Promozione degli investimenti] Il signor Cheng, direttore generale di Seize Compressore d'aria a risparmio energetico, è stato invitato a partecipare all'Hefei Heroes 'Meeting of Air Compression Industry nel 2023.

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La "pressione dell'aria" di coesione potenzia il "doppio carbonio"


Il 26 aprile 2023, l'Hero Meeting of Air Compression Industry

si è tenuto nella stazione di Hefei, Anhui Century Jinyuan Hotel. Cheng

Hongxing, general manager of Seize intelligent compressore d'aria a risparmio energetico, was invited to attend, and got together with many industry elites to have in-depth exchanges, discuss energy-saving concepts together, and move forward to help double carbon.


General Manager Seize Energy-saving Compressore d'aria made a keynote speech "Welcome to Seize" at the meeting, and shared his unique opinions from the aspects of the development trend of air compressor industry, the existing problems of air compressor agents, the operation mode and the future development direction.


During the meeting, Mr. Cheng gave an on-the-spot explanation of Seize Company's policy of helping its agents and the requirements of becoming an agent, and interacted with them.


Products are the values of enterprises. Seize's energy-saving air compressor products have been upgraded in an all-round way, with three series, namely, micro-oil compressore d'aria a vite, oil-free screw air compressor and centrifugal air compressor, and a number of invention patents and honorary certificates. Seize's first-class energy-efficient smart air compressor station certified by Hefei General Mechanical and Electrical

Products Testing Institute can provide powerful market competitive products for agents and friends, especially Seize's policy of helping dealers won praise from the participants.


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