Il compressore d'aria a risparmio energetico Seize ha partecipato all'assemblea generale dell'Associazione dei servizi per il risparmio energetico e la protezione ambientale di Shanghai e ha ricevuto il premio dall'unità di governo.

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On the afternoon of March 10th, in order to further accelerate the healthy and orderly development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry in this city and explore new service tracks, the special committee of green and efficient motor system of Shanghai Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Service Association held its first general meeting after its establishment. Seize compressore d'aria a risparmio energetico attended the meeting as a governing unit and received the award.

Assegnato dall'unità di governo



The meeting was organized and presided over by Bin Sun, director of Shanghai Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology, chairman of the special committee. At the meeting, the special committee had an in-depth exchange and dialogue on energy-efficient technology, sensor technology, detection technology, common technology, strategic cooperation, industry trends and policy orientation.


At the meeting, Mr. Zou, the representative of Sazhen Energy-saving Air Compressor, listened carefully to the speeches of all units and participated in the discussion. He said that Sazhen Energy-saving Air Compressor organically combined environmental protection services with energy-saving services, focusing on "double carbon", providing enterprises with energy-saving comprehensive solutions of "emission reduction and carbon reduction" to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.


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