Serie scroll senza olio

Serie scroll senza olio

Affidabile e stabile Compressore d'aria della serie Scroll senza olio di facile manutenzione


Caratteristiche Introduzione

1, Affidabile e stabile

The scroll of the unique Neo involute tooth technology scroll will be at a high temperature due to no cooling of lubricating oil during operation. Neo involute tooth pro le technology solves the problem of thermal deformation of the scroll at high temperatures and e ectively ensures the reliability of the scroll machine. High-reliability bearings with surface treatment are used. High-performance inverters are used to control the speed, and a variety of control modes can be selected.

2, Vibrazioni basse, basso rumore

By optimizing the design of the scroll box machine, low noise near the library environment is achieved. (The noise value of the 3.7kW model is only 47dB[A]).

3, facile manutenzione

By increasing the grease injection port, grease can be lled without disassembling the moving/ xed scroll of the main scroll machine. Greatly simplify the maintenance procedures. Energy saving e ect under multi-machine compound control.

4, e etto di risparmio energetico sotto controllo composto multi-macchina

On the basis of Р mode control, multi-machine compound control is added, and it can be switched between the two by simple operation on the operation panel. In the multi-machine compound control mode, according to the air consumption, the number of main engines is automatically controlled to achieve the optimal operation of the compressor while ensuring the required pressure.

principio di funzionamento

1 , Inspirare aria dalla porta di aspirazione all'esterno del solido.

2,Compressed air enclosed in the compression space, the compression chamber shrinks due to the rotational movement, facing the compression.

3,The compression space is the smallest in the center. After the space is reduced by the rotation movement, it compresses towards the center.

L'esercizio 4,1~3 (inspirazione-compressione-scarico) verrà ripetuto.

Componenti principali del compressore d'aria scroll oil-free


Adotta la testa del compressore scroll senza olio avanzata internazionale.

High-precision orbiting scroll, xed scroll and shell processing to ensure high e ciency of the machine head.

Imported sealing material, the compression chamber and the lubricating transmission part are absolutely separated to ensure that the compressed air is absolutely oil-free.

The structure of the main engine is very compact. Compared with the screw air compressor, there are fewer parts and less consumable parts.

The cooling fan adopts an integrated centrifugal fan with low noise, high pressure head and large air volume to ensure su cient cooling air volume.

The machine head does not need oil cooling and lubrication, realizing truly no Oil

campo di applicazione

The compression chamber of the main engine does not contain any grease, and the compressed gas is clean and pollution-free. Pure oil-free gas meets the gas supply needs of industries such as medical, food, laboratories, precision electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive painting, gas separation equipment (adsorption and membrane separation oxygen production, nitrogen production).


1. There is no oil/carbon pollution in the air system, and the service life is long.

2. Poche parti mobili, struttura semplice e alta affidabilità.

3. No need to replace lubricating oil and oil lter, no waste liquid disposal problem.

4. When working, the moving and static scrolls do not touch, and the vibration and noise are small.

5. There is no risk of oil leakage, no need to centrally process condensate, and meet the harsh environmental requirements.

Parametri tecnici

Numero di serieModello





Volume d'aria
(m³ / min)
Dimensioni della porta di scaricoDimensioni (Mm)Peso
36SPVC-90A904098DN3003250 * * 1860 23004200
376078DN3003250 * * 1860 23004200
388067DN3003250 * * 1860 23004200
3910063DN2003100 * * 1610 23203400
4012053DN2002910 * * 1675 21503400
4115044DN2002910 * * 1675 21503400
4220028DN1502400 * * 1350 16703200
43SPVC-110A11040102DN3003250 * * 1860 23004400
4460100DN3003250 * * 1860 23004400
458078DN3003250 * * 1860 23004400
4610068DN2003100 * * 1610 23203600
4712062DN2003100 * * 1610 23203600
4815050DN2002910 * * 1675 21503400
4920034.6DN1502400 * * 1350 16703300
50SPVC-132A13260108DN3003250 * * 1860 23004600
518098DN3003250 * * 1860 23004600
5210089DN3003250 * * 1860 23004600
5312070DN3003250 * * 1860 23004600
5415063DN2003100 * * 1610 23203700
5520041.1DN1502400 * * 1350 16703400
56SPVC-160A16080108DN3003250 * * 1860 23004700
5710098DN3003250 * * 1860 23004700
5812090DN3003250 * * 1860 23004700
5915070DN3003250 * * 1860 23004700
60SPVC-185A185100108DN3003250 * * 1860 23005000
6112098DN3003250 * * 1860 23004900
6215082DN3003250 * * 1860 23004900
63SPVC-200A200120108DN3003250 * * 1860 23005200
6415098DN3003250 * * 1860 23005000
6520068.5DN3003250 * * 1860 23005000
66SPVC-220A22020072DN3003250 * * 1860 23005400
67SPVC-250A25020082DN3003250 * * 1860 23005600

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